Tuuli Platner

Creative direction. Graphic design. Print and digital.


Gender Quality

Brought on board to design the cover illustration and the internal layout of the book in both print and digital formats.

Worked closely with the author refining the creative direction and style preferences for the design.


After working with a logo and minimal brand assets for many years, LEAD - a training course serving 50+ people each year - needed their brand to expand in order to could keep up with their increasing needs: fresh visuals, colours and fonts.

'UP' Urban Planting School

Created the branding for a new immersive training programme. Designed the logo, built out the fonts and colours, then developed a webpage design and social media templates. Also supplied a brand book and prospectus.

The Greenhouse

The development of a brand new initiative was in need of visuals that communicated quality, accessibility and the personal touch.

Branding, graphic design
Branding, graphic design
Illustration, print layout, digital formatting
Branding, graphic design

About Tuuli

Hello! I'm a multi-disciplinary creative freelancer based in London, with many years of experience overseeing brand direction and development, and creative strategy and solutions.

I love working with individuals and groups who believe in the eternal impact of their projects, and coming alongside to help refine vision, clarify values, and see them effectively and creatively communicated.

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